Friday, October 30, 2015

Bunco Night

Me at Bunco Night hosted by Sue.
Whoever got a Bunco that night got to wear the Halloween headband (instead of passing around the giant stuffed dice).  Even though I had 3 Buncos that night and wore the headband 3 times, I did not get to win a prize, but I surely had a great time!!!
Sue took this picture of me with her cell phone.  Even though the lighting is awful, I actually like this photo of me.  As you'll probably know by now I absolutely detest pictures of me; luckily this picture passed the test!

I've known Sue for many years.  We met through one of her Longaberger Parties.  Two years ago I get an email from her announcing her next Longaberger Party at her new was a total surprise finding out her new address!   She and her husband moved one block behind our house and not only that, we share the same house about a small world.
It's wonderful having her as my very close neighbor and friend.  On Bunco Nights I simply walk over to her place, which makes it so convenient and perfect since I bring the wine to share for our get together.

Have a wonderful day!!!


  1. I'm like you, I don't like to see picture of myself. I think most women can relate. I think you look lovely. You look like you're having a great time with your girlfriends. How great that your friend moved in so close to you. You'll never be lonely. :)
    xx Beca

  2. You look marvelous darling! Sounds like a fun night. Warm Blessings!~♥Amy

  3. That is a great picture. How fun to pass the hat! You are a pretty gal!

  4. Love the picture in the hat'. What fun for you! It truly is a small world! Have fun this weekend. Lynn

  5. What a lovely picture of you and how fun that you were able to wear the headband three times. I never liked taking pictures much, either. For me, I just never felt like I was very photogenic. These days, I've been taking more pictures, though since my daughters are constantly including me in their selfies... :)

  6. fun hat sounds like you had a great time and so neat that she moved so close, so nice having friends close by, makes getting together much easier!


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