Thursday, October 29, 2015

Crafty Plans and Better Days

Calmer Days are here again!
  1. We still have the "brightness issue" with our computer, but I'm not going to worry about it.  Eventually this will be taken care of soon.  
  2. Our family room looks like a storage room, because all of our living/dining room's furniture is crammed in there.  In a week, the tile will be laid, and our home will be home again.
  3. I'll have a very busy weekend coming up helping with our Church's Bazaar.  I'm actually looking forward to this.
  4. Must not forget to drop off a "homemade cake" (not store bought) Friday afternoon at Church for Bake Sale at Bazaar!!!  Yikes...I haven't baked in a long time!!!  Maybe I should bake two for practice.
  5. Since I'm back in town I'm Mommy's chauffeur.  Take this as an opportunity to spend quality time with Mom!  
Note to Self: Turn a negative into a positive.  Stop, close my eyes, take deep a breath, exhale, relax, & SMILE.  Every thing will be fine!!! :-)

Now for the the Crafty Plans...
While out and about "Thrift~ing", I found a big bag full of wine corks!  Once I got home, I selected only the wine corks actually made out of corks (saved the non-corks for another project).  I can make a wine cork wreath, a Christmas garland with added red beads, or ...
these gorgeous wine cork balls I spotted at the Bachman's Fall Ideas House.  In my crazy mind I can see me having a WINE ROOM...hehehe....I can dream!!!
I also found these two packages of ruffled trim.  I know that it will eventually become useful in one of my projects!
I just love the feeling I get when I find excellent treasures while on the hunt for treasures.

Have a wonderful day!!!