Thursday, August 18, 2016

Art Fair & Thrifty Finds

About two weekends ago, Hubby and I attended the annual Uptown Arts Festival in Minneapolis.
We enjoy doing this every summer.  I love to discover what's new in the art world!  Always great surprises and finds!
This year we came home with these two gorgeous mugs made by a husband & wife team.  You can go to Linden Hills Pottery to check out their website and admire their artwork!
My mug is the cattails one, and Hubby's is the coneflower one.  He likes the shape of the mug.
Maybe next year I'll break down and get the jewelry I really liked...

The place like every year was packed.  One thing that I really appreciated this year, was that it was not humid like it has been in the past!

Now for my Thrifty Finds...
On our way back to our car after the Art Fair, we stopped at two garage sales.  Well...I dragged Hubby to them...
At the first one, I found this silver tray for one whole dollar.  I'm not sure if it's truly silver; but it feels and looks good.  I cannot find a mark on its back.

At the second garage sale and last one for the day, I found three vintage crochet doilies for 50 cents each!

On the first of August, I went back to Empty the Nest and they were having their after Christmas in July Sale.  I had been looking for this particular book!  The book and the Christmas wood bead garland were only a dollar each!!!

Last week on Wednesday, I stopped at one of our local thrift stores.  I like going on Wednesdays.  It seems to me that on that day of the week the store gets new items out on the floor.
I found this very pretty small quilt for $1.49!!!  I thought it would look great as a tablecloth or hung on the wall!
I also found this set of retro drinking glasses for $2.49!!!  I think they're just perfect for our SUMMER HOUSE!
I found this bag full of balls and believe it or not, this was the most expensive purchase of the three items...$3.49.   Talk about perfect timing!!  I needed more balls to work on this project I'll be posting soon.
And last, but not least...
A FREE patio set from our neighbor Sheryl!!!
Four chairs and a round glass table top, plus cushions. The set is in great condition, just a little dusty that a good wash & scrub will take care of.   I had removed the green cushion to rinse dust off.

I was so happy with all of my finds!
I plan on going today to this neighborhood/block garage sale, and hoping to find great treasures...been saving my pennies for today!