Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Summer Bounty

It's really not much of a harvest, but to me is a bounty!
Every summer Hubby plants several Heirloom Tomato plants.  This summer though he only planted two, and one turned out to be a cherry tomato.

These are our first huge tomatoes of the season!!!  We used them to make a Caprese Salad with fresh basil.
For some reason this year our tomatoes are turning out a bit different.  They have bigger stems inside of the tomato and some kind of weird webbing/shape; but they're still delicious though!!!
I'm waiting for the next round of tomatoes to make my yearly tomato & mayo sandwich...I'll probably throw a bologna slice as well. 

Hubby made a quick stop at the farmer's market and brought home some corn and beets.
The sweet corn was super delicious, and I can't have enough beets in my salad.  It's just recently that I have fallen in love with beets!

Of course the lemons are absolutely not in season here in MN, but I just love how pretty they look in our hanging basket.  After all, lemonade is a refreshing summer drink!


  1. Wow I guess I should get around to trying some beets. I can't believe I've never had them. I remember them being served on our trays back in grade school but I never touched them. Of course they were probably canned and not very good. Fresh is better I'm sure. :)
    xx Beca

    1. I was like you and would not even touch a sliced beet!!! I was in my 30"s when I finally liked them...fresh beets are the best!!!

  2. All those veggies look so yummy! I have been trying to lose weight this summer and veggies have been a mainstay! Those lemons look so bright and cheerful! Nothing like straight from the garden!

  3. Your tomatoes are looking great, we have just had some cherry tomatoes ready to be picked, my green peppers are doing very well this year. I love the corn, I don't do much fresh beets but do eat the canned.

  4. I love stopping at farm stands and buying all those lovely fruits and veggies. Peaches are out now.. and they are fantastic! Enjoy!!


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