Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Summer Bounty

It's really not much of a harvest, but to me is a bounty!
Every summer Hubby plants several Heirloom Tomato plants.  This summer though he only planted two, and one turned out to be a cherry tomato.

These are our first huge tomatoes of the season!!!  We used them to make a Caprese Salad with fresh basil.
For some reason this year our tomatoes are turning out a bit different.  They have bigger stems inside of the tomato and some kind of weird webbing/shape; but they're still delicious though!!!
I'm waiting for the next round of tomatoes to make my yearly tomato & mayo sandwich...I'll probably throw a bologna slice as well. 

Hubby made a quick stop at the farmer's market and brought home some corn and beets.
The sweet corn was super delicious, and I can't have enough beets in my salad.  It's just recently that I have fallen in love with beets!

Of course the lemons are absolutely not in season here in MN, but I just love how pretty they look in our hanging basket.  After all, lemonade is a refreshing summer drink!