Friday, August 19, 2016

Decor Fabric Rag Balls

  I'm sharing with you one of my new craft discoveries...Fabric Rag Balls!!!

 You see I have this huge basket that needed something to fill it up with and make it look pretty.  I had tried a plant...nope ~ didn't look right...books ~ nope...more baskets ~ nope...and nothing really worked.

So while Pinterest-ing I came across rag balls...& voila...I knew that would be perfect for this basket.   After watching, reading and following several tutorials to learn the basics on how to make this quick and easy craft, I knew I could make them myself.

If you know a little about me by now, you know that I like to tweak & improvise DIY's...hehehe!!!

My Supplies:
  • styrofoam balls (assorted sizes), well used tennis balls (Hubby's), cheap toy plastic balls (Dollar Tree Store or garage sales or your grand/child's toy box, your pet's toy basket,... )
  • 1" width,  long ripped strips of your favorite fabric choice/theme
  • glue
  • dab a little glue to ball
  • place end of ripped fabric strip to glue on ball and wrap ball completely with fabric
  • at the end of fabric strip add a little dab of glue and glue to covered ball
  • let dry and display
These were my first rag balls I made using tennis balls.  A few to start with.

Then I hit the jackpot of balls!!!
A couple days later I found this bag full of balls at my local thrift store, immediately brought them home, and... 

went from a few...