Saturday, August 6, 2016

Camping Up North

About two weeks ago Mary and I traveled up North to visit two of our Golf Buddies!
Diane (right~standing~in purple) and Gin (right~sitting~in blue) spend their summers in Pequot Lakes, MN.  We all live in Sun City, AZ, during the winter, except for Mary.  Mary is spending a month in MN to get away from the AZ Heat...I don't blame her!!!

Diane and Gin graciously invited us to come visit them and play golf and have a grand old time...which we did!!!

Here is a little peek at Gin's beautiful open backyard.  I hope you can see the Oriole at the bird feeder.

Mary and I stay at this very comfortable camper.  It was just like roughing it at all!!!!

We played golf two days in a row; and I discovered that I need to practice, practice, practice...and more practice!!!
The first night we were there the Girlz took us on a tour of their beautiful campground.  We caught up on our lives, got to know their Hubbies better, and tasted delicious meals!!!

Basically our days were as follow: 
  • Get up, drink our morning coffee, wake up and visit, breakfast, and get ready for golfing
  • Golf!
  • Cool down at one of the local VFW's with icy cold beer; snack on popcorn and pizza for lunch; and one afternoon we indulged by having delicious creamy ice cream at The Chocolate Ox 
  • Back to the campground: take showers and glam up for the evening (actually pretty casual)
  • Dinner: 
    • one night at Billy's; Happy Hour and $1 Burgers
    • another night at Gin's; her Hubby grilled HUGE delicious Ribeye Steaks from Hackenmueller's (my treat)
    • last night at Diane's: her Hubby grilled excellent salmon
  • After dinner we relaxed on the patio with a huge bonfire or played Farkle and had a nightcap
  • Rest and slept the night away!!!
  • Following Day: Repeat

Have you ever heard of a Meat Raffle???
I hadn't and it was hilarious!!!  While we were at Billy's for Happy Hour and their Dollar Burger Night, they were having this crazy Meat Raffle going on...I just found it super funny!!!  Tickets were a dollar each for five chances to win.  Sadly none of us in our group won a package of meat.
Here are all of our losing raffle tickets...LOL!!!!

But Diane's Hubby won the door prize...salmon!!!

We had a blast.  I personally enjoyed it so much.  The Ladies and their Hubbies were so much fun and so very pleasant to be with!!!  It had been a while since I went on a Girlz Trip, and I'm glad I did!!!