Friday, August 5, 2016

Thrifty Finds

Last weekend I really enjoyed garage sale-ing!!!  I found several nifty thrifty treasures,...
and the best part was discovering this great thrift store called Empty the Nest!!! a wonderful neat place!  

I happened to discovered this place about two weeks ago.  I was out and about running errands and I saw this huge sign advertising a huge sale, and I just had to stop and check it out!  I am so glad I did.  That particular day, the store was having 20% discount on everything.  The place was packed and I didn't have enough time to shop, but was able to pick up the copper mold, silver coffee urn and hanging basket for under $4.00!

 So this past weekend, I made a point of stopping by Empty the Nest again to see what I could find.  I  found an oil pan for $2.00, which I'm using now as a watering station for birds, squirrels and bunnies in our garden.  A set of four iced tea spoons and a copper mold for $1.00 each.  The hen was the most expensive one ($4.00), but I just had to have it!!!

The two milk bottles (50 cents each~Crate & Barrel) and enamel pitcher (50 cents~Ikea) are from a garage sale I stopped by after the thrift store.

The shepherd's hook is from Empty the Nest ($2.00), now holding a hanging basket of mums, and eventually will also serve as a trellis with the help of chicken wire for my newly acquired vine plant.

I found this pretty doily ($1.49) and embellishments for crafting (from 79 cents to $1.09) at another thrift store that I like to shop at.  It was a quick stop!

 The glass paper weight is from another garage sale and was only a $1.00!  I haven't yet decided where I will find a home for it.

At the last garage sale I stopped at, I found my biggest treasures of the day!!!!
A Coffee Espresso Scherzer Bavaria Germany demitasses, dessert plates, pot and creamer for only $4.00!!!  It is not a complete set, but I think it's just perfect as is.  I can use the teacups & saucers and dessert plates for when I host Bunco.

Last but not least, this very shabby distressed garden table for a whole dollar!!!
It is very sturdy and for now is in our back patio.  I've got great plans for it!!!

I love finding great deals!!!