Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Procrastination or Not Enough Time?

I think a little bit of both!
Procrastination because I run out of ideas, supplies or energy; and Not Enough Time because I'm having the best summer ever and there's always something to do!!!  This summer has been all about socializing!!!

The following are projects I MUST finish before the end of September:
Altered Books:
I started an Altered Book Journal for myself, and then my sister's birthday was coming up and I started one for her.  Needless to say her birthday has come and gone and I'm not done with either book.

Belated Cards:
I have several thank you, belated birthdays and thinking about you cards that I need to mail out.  Shame on me...

 Church Ladies Group:
Now this project has really been a hard one to finish.  I can't seem to get it done.  All I have to do is plan a monthly event for our group.  It can be a fun activity one month, and then the next month can be a spiritual one.  I have run out of ideas for the spiritual ones.  Any suggestions???  Help!!!

I started working on my second crochet pillow cover and finished one side of it; but ran out of thread.  All I need is to make a quick stop at Michaels to pick up more thread.  I'm getting the super sized mega ball this time!!!

 Knit Baby Blanket:
This is a project I have put off because it has been too warm and muggy to knit with yarn.  The baby is almost 3 old months now!!!
Winter is coming!

All summer long I have been wanting to make more pillowcases.  Yup...but can't seem to get near the sewing machine.

Knit Scarf for Me: 
I have made several scarves using this type of yarn, but I never end up with one for myself.  I will make it and keep it for me this time even if it kills me!!!

The garden has been so neglected this summer.  It has been a rainy, warm, and muggy summer season.  Not only that, filled with mosquitoes, and they LOVE ME!!!
No matter how much repellant I bathe in, the mosquitoes simply eat me up!!!
If only they could suck the fat out of me, I wouldn't mind weeding and cleaning up around the garden beds.

Just writing and thinking of these things to get done, I start having an anxiety attack!!!
By the end of the day I'm too tired, or get so hooked on watching the Olympics on TV or I simply fall asleep while watching TV.

I thought being retired meant that I would have all the time in the world!!!
Silly me ;-)


  1. I hear from so many that they don't seem to have any extra time after retiring, isn't it funny how that goes. Looks like you have a wide range of projects going that's for sure. I love that owl on the card and the yarn for your scarf looks so pretty, glad you are keeping one for yourself :) Love that pattern you knit for the pillows too!
    I tried finding your email but I can't see it anywhere and you asked I think about the brad on my card or was it the wooden bird? Bird was from Michaels in the wood section and the brads I bought a very long time ago in my Scrapbook store here in town.

  2. Yes Isn't that funny? I thought I would have all THIS EXTRA TIME TOO WHEN I WAS HOME ALL THE TIME. Not sure what happened.
    Now that is a lot of projects. Maybe one a week until they are under control. Or two weeks. I liked them all wouldn't know what to do first. My Grandma used to say take on the job you don't want to do first. The idea to make pillow cases is something I have thought about doing myself. I remembered when I saw your cards how good you are at that.
    Well off to do something. Oh the bugs like me too, I'M ALWAYS SCRATCHING.
    Nancy Jo

  3. Whew! I'm tired just reading this! I too was very distracted by the Olympics but man oh man was it worth it. They were fabulous and Rio did a great job!

    My sister is a mosquito magnet as well! They don't really have a taste for me..hahaha!

  4. I understand perfectly! Sometimes I look back at my day and wonder just what I have done. The way I look at those projects are opportunities just waiting to happen! Sounds like you are enjoying your time and I just bet those projects will still be there when you are ready!


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