Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Procrastination or Not Enough Time?

I think a little bit of both!
Procrastination because I run out of ideas, supplies or energy; and Not Enough Time because I'm having the best summer ever and there's always something to do!!!  This summer has been all about socializing!!!

The following are projects I MUST finish before the end of September:
Altered Books:
I started an Altered Book Journal for myself, and then my sister's birthday was coming up and I started one for her.  Needless to say her birthday has come and gone and I'm not done with either book.

Belated Cards:
I have several thank you, belated birthdays and thinking about you cards that I need to mail out.  Shame on me...

 Church Ladies Group:
Now this project has really been a hard one to finish.  I can't seem to get it done.  All I have to do is plan a monthly event for our group.  It can be a fun activity one month, and then the next month can be a spiritual one.  I have run out of ideas for the spiritual ones.  Any suggestions???  Help!!!

I started working on my second crochet pillow cover and finished one side of it; but ran out of thread.  All I need is to make a quick stop at Michaels to pick up more thread.  I'm getting the super sized mega ball this time!!!

 Knit Baby Blanket:
This is a project I have put off because it has been too warm and muggy to knit with yarn.  The baby is almost 3 old months now!!!
Winter is coming!

All summer long I have been wanting to make more pillowcases.  Yup...but can't seem to get near the sewing machine.

Knit Scarf for Me: 
I have made several scarves using this type of yarn, but I never end up with one for myself.  I will make it and keep it for me this time even if it kills me!!!

The garden has been so neglected this summer.  It has been a rainy, warm, and muggy summer season.  Not only that, filled with mosquitoes, and they LOVE ME!!!
No matter how much repellant I bathe in, the mosquitoes simply eat me up!!!
If only they could suck the fat out of me, I wouldn't mind weeding and cleaning up around the garden beds.

Just writing and thinking of these things to get done, I start having an anxiety attack!!!
By the end of the day I'm too tired, or get so hooked on watching the Olympics on TV or I simply fall asleep while watching TV.

I thought being retired meant that I would have all the time in the world!!!
Silly me ;-)