Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Gift to Myself

For Christmas I gave myself a gift~a 7" digital photo frame! I thought that it would be better to see my pictures daily rather than scrapbooking and putting the scrapbook away to collect dust, or show them off when we have company,...
For over a month "my gift" was in the trunk of my car! I just never got around taking it out of the box and displaying it! I'm bad! I wonder what other goodies are in the trunk?
Actually the reason it was in the trunk this long was because I was going to place it on my desk at work. But since my workplace is now all into going "green" and saving $$$, I will not be able to have it at work. I thought that by seeing my pictures of my life/family/friends at work, it would remind me why I work so hard and be thankful for what I have...

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